Friday, September 27, 2013

Catching Up...some baby quilts

Kids have been back to school a full month now.  I have been a quilting fool for much of it, trying to make up for the lack of quilting over the summer.  I've done a pretty good job at getting things mostly caught up. Right now, I have a pile of jobs for October that are Christmas (or before) commitments.  It's nice to NOT have these all piled up for the last week of November, for a change!!  BTW, I recently got a great snowflake pantograph, so...if you have any fun holiday/winter quilts that you have been itching to get quilted, you might get in touch with me :-)

Here are a couple baby quilts I finished in the last month.  I have done this quilt before.  It's really sweet for a boy.  The challenge comes in trying to make the quilts not identical (since they are going to the same owner).
 I love how this simple sashing looks on a sampler-type quilt.  It is sweet, and not hard to do.  The backgrounds of all blocks are a quick and flowy freehand feather.  These are bump-back or traditional style feathers, but they move right along and require no marking.
This has just a single cotton batt (Hobbs 80/20) and the thread is probably Omni.  Gosh, can't believe that I forgot that, but I suspect that it is.  Had it been for a girl, it might have been Glide (nice-n-shiny), but I doubt I used shiny thread on a boy's quilt.
The second quilt is a little smaller, and has machine embroidery blocks.  My photos are kind of bad, thanks to the phone.  My good camera just came back from being repaired yesterday.  My son and I had a costly oops while on vacation this summer.  I'll be glad to have it home again.
 This was a rush job, so the designs are on the simpler side.  It's still pretty though.
 I love how simple geometric patterns can have a beautiful look.  The double CCs are perfect for the 9-patch blocks.
 Lastly, I will leave you with a sneak peek at something I am puttering around.  It is all made with Cherrywoods.  If I ever get rich, that is one of the first things I will stock up on!  It's kind of a play on improvisational piecing, use of color and whimsy.


Leeanne said...

Stunning! I love the baby quilts.
I too have that challenge when quilt two quilts of the same pattern.

Monica said...

I saw your Sea Glass quilt yesterday in Jacksonville. And I have to say that pictures do not do it justice. It's much more fabulous in person. Congrats on the two awards it received.

Lorette Cole said...

Sooo beautiful! more inspiration flowing...

Karen said...

Margaret your quilting is very pretty and the piecing so unique. Thanks for sharing!

Jane said...

Cool baby quilts, and you made me laugh about when your rich you'll stock up on cherry woods :)

Anonymous said...

This is so nice!