Monday, October 07, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Little like Christmas

The Christmas deliveries are coming in and out of here daily.  I much prefer to get them done early as opposed to making my clients sweat that they might not have time to get them bound.  This one is flying its way back to California later this week.  It's a cute holiday applique pattern.  I suspect it is a pattern that is commercially available, but I am not certain.
 It has a number of appliques, including these snowflakes, that are from an ultra-suede material.  It's a little bit thick so I limited how much I stitched on this stuff.  All of the appliques are ditch-stitched.  It is sort of my standard.  I hate how they look if they aren't outline stitched.  It just gives the quilt a more finished look this way.
 My client noted that she has quite a few embellishments like buttons and other similar things that will be added when this comes back home.  That will help Santa's face :-)  Right now he's kind of expressionless.
 I chose backgrounds for the scenes that were fun.  Many got an echo-type quilting or a swirly-flowy look, kind of what you might expect for sky or whirling snow.
 These snowmen were just a little too big to leave them without a little bit of quilting on them, so I added the swirl.  Just a little touch of whimsy-
 The gingerbread house is fun.  All of the snow is the ultra-suede.
 And it is clear that there was some fussy-cutting for these ornaments.  The reindeer fabric is a hoot.  Who cant giggle at a winking reindeer?!
 This was kind of a large quilt, and I am happy to have it off my docket for the month.  I hope it's owner is just as happy!
A week or so ago, I finished a simpler holiday quilt for a client.  It is an edge-to-edge on fairly busy holiday/winter fabrics.  She requested a snowflake pattern.  After a bit of hunting around, I found this one.  It is rather dense and a bit time-consuming to quilt, but looks good.
Do you have holiday projects that need finishing in the next 2 months?  If I can help you with your quilting, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I have some openings still for edge-to-edge quilting, and maybe a few custom, depending on the complexity.  Most quilters have cut off their holiday jobs by now.  I happen to be pretty good at time-management, so I do have a few openings still.  Email if interested.


Lynette said...

This is a fun quilt. The swirls on the snowmen and the sledders are just perfect. I wouldn't have thought of that!

Lynette said...

This is a fun quilt. The swirls on the snowmen and the sledders are just perfect. I wouldn't have thought of that!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I really like all the textures that you used for each of the different applique backgrounds. They really make the quilt special.

Unknown said...

What a fantastic quilting job on a darling quilt. Your work is masterful. I love the results.

Sherrill said...

WOW!! That quilting is FANTASTIC!! And the quilt is adorable as well. If you do find out the name of the pattern, could you let us know? LOVE IT!

Sylvia said...

The Santa is a pattern called Santa's Village by ThimbleCreek Quilts, he's the center of pieced borders. The quilter must have pulled designs from several different patterns to make this. I agree, it's simply adorable with fabulous quilting!