Thursday, November 14, 2013

Recent Interesting Quilts

Though I have been quilting like a mad-woman lately, I have slacked off in my blogging frequency.  I had a few minutes this morning, so I pulled a couple of client quilts from October to show.  These are all quilted with a single layer of Hobbs 80/20.

This is Cuzco, designed by Kate Spain.  My client made it using Kate's fabrics too, and specifically requested that the quilting resemble how Kate's quilt from spring Market looked (was quilted by somebody else).  It is for her daughter, and she likes the Aztec-look which she feels that the rays and curves give.  The quilting on the reference quilt is really quite simple, so I did just what she wanted.  Besides, if I don't have to design the quilting, it takes a chunk of time off of my palate.  Nobody was complaining.
This 56" (or so) quilt has Omni white thread. I had to mark the rays, but the rest of it is free-handed.  It has a good bit of ditch stitching to keep all of the saw-toothed edges pointy.  That is just my preference.  Too many quilters these days omit the ditch quilting to expedite their jobs (or they just don't like doing it).  It's a fun, graphic quilt, and the client liked it.
 Now, here's a quilt that I had never seen.  How 'bout you?!...
 I think it comes from a Material Obsession book, and is made with lots of Kaffe and modern fabrics.  Though the style is definitely not me, this job certainly affords me the fun of seeing all kinds of styles and designs.  I love the infinite creativity of each and every quilter I work for.  This is also made as a gift for someone.  It has lots of scrappy-style stars in every possible color palate (the solids are shot cottons, which are just gorgeous up close!).  The setting triangles are (below) this assemblage of fussy-cut flowers, fused and machine edge stitched down.
 Here's a better look.  I just further outlined them.  And yes, this was a very thick section with the many layers of fusible.
 The four corners each have a simple NYB star, each from different fabrics.  I made these look like suns (not all were yellow though).
 The "feathering" as in the triangles above was kept light and playful, rather than the traditional variety.  No part of this quilt screams for traditional.  I repeated that feather style on the larger triangles below.  The scrappy stars have a simple curve treatment.  The were harder to decide what to do with because they are scrappy.
 This center medallion is something I have never seen.  I have no idea where the panel comes from.  She is interesting.  The outlining is partly in the mono-filament, and partly in coordinating threads.  In general, I used a deep peach Omni thread on the majority of the quilt.  Much of it was ditch stitched in clear nylon.  
A very large edge-to-edge is calling right now, so I will leave you with these pictures for now.

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