Thursday, January 02, 2014

Snowday Block Review

If you are one of the unfortunate millions, you are in the path of Hercules...this week's snowstorm.  It just so happens to be barreling down on New England on the day when my kids were supposed to be heading back to school.  Unlike my friends in Wyoming, that never have school canceled, it is closed here with the mere prediction of snowflakes.  It will most likely be closed tomorrow also, as it is not stopping until around dawn. We are expecting a foot or so (and it is a whoppig -1F, so nobody even wants to go play in it today!).

I have client quilts coming out my ears to be quilting on.  I even have a lovely Blue Collection loaded and started.  It is hard to retreat to the basement, though, and leave 3 kids to their own business upstairs.  I am about 2/3 of the way through the outlining of about a million appliques, and then onto the fills.  I will likely be working this weekend.  Shucks <>

So, I pulled out these blocks.  I have 14 of 25 made.  Today, I cut out 4 more of the central orange/peach blocks.  I still have another 4 to cut out, but can soon start on the ones that are prepped.  Lately, I have been busy in the evening stitching bindings on gifts, finishing the beading on a show quilt and it's sleeve.  Until I get the next quilt ready for handwork, I can go back to these.  They take about 4-5 hours to make to this point, and then when all are finished, I will decide what to put on the corner squares.  (and the elephant in the room...add the silk to each and every one of them).  It's gonna be a good long while before this is ready to convert into a quilt.  I have papers cut and ready to do a 40" or so silk quilt before this is done...If kids are home tomorrow, I will get the silk soaked to bleed off any excess dye.  Getting ready - I got 4 FQ of hand dyed silks in Houston, and I will use these in combination with some other silks that I have leftover from another quilt.  These aren't completely representative colors, but they give you an OK idea.  I am trying to avoid some of the issues I had working with silk the first time like thick seams that were hard to match appropriately.  As much as possible, I am just avoiding joints that need to match.


regan said...

Gorgeous blocks, Margaret! Could you explain how you bleed/wash your silks. I have several pieces of dupioni that says to dry clean only, but I'd love to wash it before using it in a quilt. But I'm so afraid of ruining it! And it's SO expensive, I don't want to waste even a smidge to trial and error! Thanks a bunch!

Rebecca Grace said...

Ooh, Margaret -- those blocks are gorgeous!

Enjoy the snow. We hardly ever get any in North Carolina, and I miss how a fresh snowfall makes the world look so clean and new and full of possibility. Here, we just have bare trees, brown grass, and lots of mud from winter rain. It's like the ugliest tail end of fall just stretches through to spring without winter ever coming at all.

Leah said...

Looking good. Bonnie Hunter is sharing your Kaleidoscope calamity quilt on her Quiltville Facebook page (with attribution, don't panic) lots of love happening so you probably should drop by :)

Gramma Quilter said...

Awesome blocks! Heading out to shovel after our big dump yest.

Quiltsmiles said...

Those block are gorgeous and your quilting is divine! I'd love to follow you but don't seem to be able to. :( Do you allow emails for your posts? I'll try to note where you are after stumbling onto your web site so I can return and see what you are up to.
Happy New Year and all the best your way.


Unknown said...

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