Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Finishes

 Yesterday was a day of small quilts.  These two were brought to me by the same local client.  I did one of these fish quilts for her last year, only the larger version.  This was a fun and quick 13" square!  The only real challenge is that there are many threads needed, so I am constantly changing thread color, and it is raw edge appliqued.  She brings them to me just ironed, without any stitching around the pieces, so they are very delicate at the edges.  She will do the fish eyes - hence the expressionless swimmers.
 Her second quilt is this one...and I just LOVE it.  Really wish I could keep this one.  The applique is all needle-turn and is very well done.  I chose a white So Fine and dark brown Glide to let it shine.  I used 2 batts - a thin cotton and a piece of what I think is polydown (yes, I have loads of scraps for the pick-n-choose).  I wanted the appliques to puff, and a single cotton batting does not accomplish that.
 The white area, where the quilting shows easily, needed pretty feathers, leaves and curls.  In the brown, I wanted to break up the border just a little bit.  The circles do just that - nothing overly complicated because it is a narrow space, but just enough variety.
In between finishing at least one client quilt each day, I am working on way too many other things (besides 2 unfinished show quilts, a magazine article, and prepping for teaching in April).  This is a piecing project I have started whose mess is beginning to consume my studio.  I have some of the sections put together, and am currently working on the center, which has a little handwork.  The brighter fabrics are Moda Weave, and I simply love this line of fabric.  It is a great weight and has wonderful sheen for a cotton.
Teaching?  Did you catch that I am teaching at MQX in April?  It is official.  I hope those of you coming to the show will check out my class listings here!  I've got some work to do this winter to get my samples and notes all congealed!

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Diane E W said...

Love the little flower quilt, well both of them actually. Your new quilt has my attention. Wish I could take one of your classes but too far away, maybe one day.