Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Holiday Quilts

As soon as everybody trucked back to school a week ago, I went straight to work on my backlog of quilts.  First up were two of Jan's quilts - a Halloween and a July 4th  quilt!  Now I didn't even get these until mid October so having this done before Halloween was out of the question.  

It's not the greatest picture, but this is a quilt like I have never seen!  It's wild and fun and full of appliqued ghouls.
 Mostly, it has subtle suggestions to Halloween, like the spider web in the corner.  I quilted the background of each purple block differnetly.  I used the person in the frame as my inspiration for a pattern.
 ...Like Mr. Pumpkin head...he just needed a few pumpkins worked in.
 There is one rogue neon green spider.  It is Halloween afterall.  Any more than that would just be creepy!
 This googly-eyed guy got googly-eyes for his background!  Seemed appropriate.
 Bandage man is one of my favorites
 This quilt has Hobbs 80/20 batting and either Glide thread (purple and green) or Omni (black.  It was a fun quilt to quilt - nice to do something that just takes my mind off of Christmas.  If I am seeing Halloween, then Christmas is officially over!
The 4th of July quilt is super cute, and not the "scream in your face" type of holiday quilt.  There's no flags and uncle Sam's, thankfully.  It is lovely, with lots of piecing and applique.  Just enough stars and patriotic colors to make the statement.
 Who doesn't love ice cream?...I used several colors of a polished-poly thread by YLI...there's a neutral tan, and blue and red and green too.
 Samplers either drive you batty because they are hard to create cohesion, or you love them, because there is always something different to quilt.  This one was fun.  I knew the ocean needed waves, but the fabric had just the right lines.  I just followed the print with my stitching.
 This scene is too cute.   The laundry line and some clothes were added.
 here's another look...
 Some feathers, some not overly dense fillers.  This quilt has an abundance of details, but it doesn't have to be stitched too densely since it will be used.  Hopefully Mr. Bird will be getting an eye when it goes home.
 The borders were done a little different.  I stuck a star in the center and gave them straight lines with fills.
 This scene will get some 3D pinwheels added.
I am finishing up a couple more class sample quilts and THAT will be done Yea!  On to a nice soothing E2E tomorrow though.  Then the list of higher end customs which is not getting shorter does call.


Leeanne said...

Beautiful! I love all the different background fillers!

Anonymous said...

Margaret, time after x-mas is also time to finish all the ufos for the next seasons :-) I an currently working on a x-mas quilt, hopefully it will be done by the end if the year, LOL!
I am quite a fan if Amy's designs, Maybe I really have to start with this halloween quilt as well...
Your quilting on bith quilts us so full of details and great!

PeggyinNO said...

What beautiful quilting! So much wonderful detail! Love them both.