Monday, May 18, 2015

May, Oh Happy May

Finally the weather is turning half-nice here.  After the winter we had, this is well needed.  Yesterday was spent sitting for about 5 hours at a baseball field in 80's temps (husband whining about how hot it is).  Good grief - it should be warmer.  I joke with the kids that if he ever kicked off, we'd be moving south within the month.  Little do they know that it's really not a joke though!

I spent last week quilting 4-1/2 days on my silk whole cloth.  I'll show pics sometime soon.  In the meantime, I am back on a couple more weeks of client quilts.  I have mostly stopped taking in new quilts for the summer.  I have a hope (yes, we can all dream!) that I will get through the 7 customs I have before the kids are home in 5 weeks.  No guarantees though!.

Here is a pretty twin quilt that went home last week.  It has 80/20 batting and YLI polished poly thread (I think!).
 Mostly, this was simple custom quilting.  I don't want to overthink quilts like this.  It is about quilting pretty (feathers, etc) where they will show, and keep it simple and pretty elsewhere.  Nice, well thought out designs are often a waste with heavily printed fabrics.  Ultimately, they are what you tend to see, so let them.
 I used some nice-sized fills in busier areas.  They still give decent texture without requiring marking.  This is a plus.
 The lighter fabrics get feathers because this is where they will show.
 Another looksee...
Every day is nuts with one of my boys having either baseball games or practices.  All of the usual end of year stuff is crazy enough, but we have one boy in 2 baseball leagues, and the other plays on the middle school (and soon Babe Ruth).  Sophie has a recital coming up for ballet, and they have a band concert.  It all makes my head spin this month!

So, with that, I will bid you adieu, and promise to come back soon with more pretty pictures.


Leeanne said...

Another pretty quilt bought to life but your remarkable quilting!

KathyinMN said...

Love what you did in the white outer border. Not sure what you call that design (surrounded by stippling), but it really shows off the fabric.

Peddlecar Quilts said...

I am the designer of this quilt, I just love what you did with it. I no longer have a blog, but I FB instead. May I share the pics on my business FB page? thank you, Diane Nagle