Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Zebras are in town

With vacation time looming, I have just been doing little things that don't take long.  The kids and I nave been swimming and running errands, so time to concentrate on longarm quilting is just not right now.  In mid-August, I will try to resume the mostly custom awaiting lineup, along with an ever-growing list of things I must make headway on, like a couple new classes for next year.  I know all too well how time-consuming samples and class prep really is.

As of yesterday, here is the stack of 9 hexie blocks that have received their zebra borders.  The blocks are essentially appliqued onto 6 pieces of zebra print.  It is pretty quick, maybe an hour per block. These blocks are now hexagons with sides about 7 to 7-1/2" per size.
I told you I didn't really want to use the hexies in any conventional way.  Hope you didn't think I was kidding!  LOL
I played a little (on paper, hence the not-so-perfect fit) with what will come next.  Somehow, someway, these need to convert to stars.  Hexagons are nice, but the shape is too plain, and I don't love the negative space it leaves behind for quilting, if this makes sense.  Here's one with black points, outlined in a color.  Perhaps each block will have a different shade that coordinates with the block.  Perhaps I will choose a couple colorways like bright greens and turquoises to give the blocks a settling/grounding effect.
In my fickleness, I drew out another in reverse, thinking that the above one may be too dark.  Star colors must be carefully selected to bring out the hexagon blocks.  Afterall, they are the star of my show.  It would clearly be a deeper rose color, and not Halloween black and orange.  That's just not an attractive combination of colors to me.
Of course, because I take forever getting blog posts written, I have finished another of these blocks...Here is #10.  Eleven to go, I think!


Anne said...

Love the zebra fabric addition. You are right, it really kicks up the impact of plain old hexagons!

Rebecca Grace said...

I love what you're doing with your hexies, Margaret! I admire hexies but I agree that they can be very limiting as far as how you can set them in a quilt. Unless you get creative with them, like you're doing!

Unknown said...

Very interesting, I'm curious to see what those hexies will look like in the end.