Saturday, November 14, 2015

Two of Four are done and FOR SALE

For the last week, I have been working my way through a box of 4 client quilts, 3 of which are customs.  I currently have the 4th on my machine right now, so it is a good feeling.  This is the first one I did last weekend.  These are woven fabrics, many Japanese style prints.  The wovens definitely make for a shiftier quilt to stitch, but I think it turned out beautifully.   My client called it a Diawobo quilt -- a term I am not familiar with.  I call these Dresdens.
 There was obviously a good bit of ditch stitching, but I wanted to make good use of the open tan background too.  The quilt has a single layer of 80/20, and is stitched with a great 40wt Wonderful Masterquilter thread.  I am about to purchase about 15 cones of this stuff with a big gift certificate I won earlier this year (I like it THAT much).
 I like the borders - kind of simple yet effective.  The sashings took near about forever.  Lots of detail when they are done like this.
 I really like the unexpected pops of color on the Dresdens.  Or maybe it is just because this is MY color green.  Either way, they are pretty.  I gave them a simple treatment, not wanting to mash down the applique too much.
 Who doesn't love feathers, I ask you?!?
Quilt #2...Another custom.  This one I initially suggested was a good candidate for an edge to edge, but the client had another idea!  It forced me to think about things a good bit, but I think the finished quilt is great.  I had a couple of waving/ruffly outer borders to contend with so it was a good thing I did the border I did.  An edge to edge may have been more challenging to keep these flat and square.
 Here is the entire quilt...
 It is constructed from Asian-like fabrics, most of which are heavily gilded with gold.  I chose to stitch each block with a different pattern (many are repeated though).  There are some cross-hatching, some linework, some sashiko clamshells/orange peel/etc.  Some sections received feathers.  It was an eclectic gamble that I think paid off.
 It also has a single 80/20 batting, but this time I quilted with a gold colored Glide thread.  This particular thread appears much like a metallic, but without the hassles that metallics like to give me.
 The squares on point were placed on the sashing and border to break it up, and create visual interest.
 Here's the back...
 And a couple more shots with better lighting...

Another topic - please share if you like
I would like to sell this top.  I started it several years ago.  It has been hanging around 1-2 years because I sort of thought I would get around to quilting it.  Truth is, though, it just doesn't meet my current aesthetic.  It is 70"square.  Only a couple small areas of the applique are unfinished.  If you are interested, leave a message (make sure you are not blogger-noreply) with a contact email.  Here's some other photos.


Tracy A said...

Your quilting is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

Diane Russell said...

I love this guilt of yours. It would go with my fall color decor in my house. I know that I can't afford it. Disability only goes so far. But I do hope that whoever does buy it will post it when they have quilted it..

QuiltRx said...

Daiwabo is actually a fabric manufacturer--not sure if they make any other types, but they're known for Japanese taupes like these.

Amy @ Amy's FMQ Adventures said...

Margaret, I'm going to email you about your top. It's beautiful!

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