Saturday, March 19, 2016

Autumn Tree

Here is a cute wall hanging I quilted up this week.  My apologies for letting this blog slide lately.  My life has not been my own.  One of my kids has been challenging, and life on the home front well, just plain stinks.  My creativity and desire to quilt has been severely challenged the last couple months. Fortunately, this has been during what is a rather typical and seasonal dry spell, when I don't usually quilt too many client quilts.  I buried my own personal stress in the quilting of one of my own quilts.  

But the client jobs have been rolling in the last few weeks, and now I must muster the creativity to make them beautiful.   This is a Don't Look Now (Kellie Wolfson) design, very beautifully turn-edge appliqued.  Lots of white background is not always my favorite, but I think this came out cute.
The client just suggested some swirls to depict wind, and I took it from there.  It has a wool and 80/20 battings to optimize the lift under all the leaves.  I used a Bottomline thread top and bobbin, which is very fine.  It allows for dense quilting without it being thready.
 There were well over a hundred leaves to SID.
 Once I got started, the fun motifs flowed easily.
 Here's a peek at the backside, which is all white.
I'll save a couple glimses of what I was working on for 2-3 weeks for next time (so I have something to show!).  Have a good weekend.


Sheri said...

It is lovely. Your quilting is amazing. Thanks for sharing with us!

Stefanie Voss said...

Absolutely beautiful! Your quilting is amazing and inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Your quilting is beautiful! You are a great quilter we all understand about live trouble, hopefully things are getting better. Love your work, thanks for sharing.

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

I feel you, life has just been handing out bombs lately! Hope things improve for you soon and you can get some more creative mojo going. That said - this is just lovely, you did a wonderful job.

J said...

I know the feeling of stress at home with children, it does stop everything else and becomes all consuming. I hope you can find a solution and find a way to relax too :). Hope you have a better week :)