Saturday, September 17, 2016

Very Big News & some sneak peeks of a great quilt

This week brought a phone call I seriously hoped would come, but really never thought would.  Only a fool believes that they really will get THAT call.  OK, not a "fool", but a definite day-dreamer!  I'll admit, I definitely did day-dream a bit about this, but then was completely oblivious when the call actually arrived.  My Facebook friends already know this...My quilt Bouquet Royale is receiving one of the top 8 awards at the Houston quilt show in November!!
I sent it truly hoping it would just get accepted in the show.  With a nearly 50% rejection rate, you really never know.  All too often, quilts you believe should be in the show, do not make the jury cut. Then comes judging... Houston judging is like none other.  Now, I have had 3 quilts in the show prior to this year, so my experience is a bit limited, but I have talked to others who share similar stories. The 3 judges chosen are from all walks of the business.  One might favor art quilts, while one knows a lot about technical quilting.  You never know who is judging until the awards either.  My technical style has not always appealed to all judges.  Likewise, my color choices, which are very personal to me, have not either.  I kind of figured the renegade orange and lime green might be a turnoff.   Because I felt that I was maybe not judged as I'd like in the past, I chose not to make travel plans to attend the show.  I am teaching at MQX Midwest in mid-October instead.
I hoped that the judges would see past my colors and see the quilting, which to me is the essence of the quilt.  It is complex, and took forever to execute.  On November 1st, we will learn which of the 8 top awards this quilt will receive.  In actuality, there are really only 5 it could get, and they are all good monetary awards.  To top it all off, because it is a top-8 awards, Houston provides the transportation and hotel!!  I am going to Houston for 5 days afterall.  So if you are there, definitely find me and say hi.  I will be near the quilt some of the show for sure.
 No predictions, no secret wishes that I will share for the outcome.   Getting this far is pretty unexpected all by itself.

So...last week I showed a Ladies of the Sea that is currently now on my frame.  I spent all week (alright 14 hours - I had a few other distractions last week!) ditch stitching around the appliques.  I don't yet have any decorative quilting to show.  This quilt has the absolute BEST applique and detail embroidery I have seen.  How about a few peeks...
 The details on the shield and eagle's eye are amazing.  Likewise, she has a real map for this globe.
  All the ships have detail embroidery to make them more authentic.  See the tiny portholes?
 This picture is majorly blown up - This is all hand embroidery, not to mention the perfect tan fabric for a paint pallet and brush.

 Yesterday, I barely started on the details - the part you actually see.  I work hard to try to make all of these quilts be slightly different.  This one has pretty purple corner mariner stars, so I chose a bolder Aurifil variegated thread for some of the "show" quilting.  It will help tie the center of the quilt to the deep purple of the border and corners.  I'll finish up how these will look tomorrow.
 Here's a mariner's star.  The star itself is not done yet though.
In another week, I should have the entire quilt done and ready to show!


Sandy said...

HUGE congratulations on your Houston win, whichever one it is!

Shasta Matova said...

Congratulations! That is a stunning quilt well deserving its honor. Your mariner quilt is quite intriguing. I look forward to seeing its reveal.

Vicki W said...

I am very excited for you!

momto1 said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved win! I won't be going to Houston this year, but sure wish I could, and I know it will be an amazing, memorable trip for you.

Carole S.

Sandy D said...

Congratulations the quilt is beautiful and the work in it is Amazing. Good luck in Houston.

Susan ACEVEDO said...

So huge certainly deserve it
Sorry I won't be at Houston this year..daughters wedding
But I wish you all the best of luck
You truly are inspirational !!!

Paula DiMattei said...

We are in the presence of royalty. Congratulations, a much deserved honor. Your quilt is absolutely stunning. All of your quilts are. I think it just goes to show that when you make a quilt that truly makes you happy others will see your love of that quilt shining through. I went to Houston last year for the very first time. Wish I was going this year so I could see this beauty in person.

Sue said...

Wow, congratulations! You truly are one of the best and deserve the recognition.

kaypaul said...

Congratulations, Margaret! You are a fantastic quilter. Your quilts are beautifully pieced and then, of course, your quilting is incredibly beautiful.