Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Handi Quilter Longarm FOR SALE!

One of the best parts of my trip to Houston is that I bought a new machine!  I could never stray from the Handi Quilter family - these machines are too great.  My recent purchase means that I am selling my beloved Fusion (hopefully soon since my new machine is shipping from Utah tomorrow!).

It looks like this... (ok, this is actually my quilt and my arms.  The photo was taken for some 2010 magazine ads!).  For those interested, here are the specifics on my longarm...
24" throat
stitch regulated (or non if you choose)
laser light for doing pantographs
side spool pin for small spools of thread
includes the ruler base
includes the bobbin winder and 20 or so bobbins
includes micro-handles
12' studio frame with underneath batting bar
I have original box that the machine head came in
has upgraded machine wheels & carriage wheels

My machine is 7 years old, but has been cared for meticulously.  Did I say "METICULOUSLY"?...I meant it.  Every year it has been serviced by my licensed HQ dealer and maintenance shop (usually not because it 'needs' servicing, but because it ensures optimal quilting).  Note that the only required servicing this machine has undergone is for timing.  It has been amazingly reliable for 7 years.  If you have followed my blog, then you know just how many high quality quilts I do every year.  Those speak for the integrity of this machine.  I could not possibly quilt the competitive show quilts on anything but a great long arm.

I am anxious to sell this to a motivated buyer -- someone who I hope will love quilting with a Fusion as much as I do.   The machine is located in Gorham, Maine -- this is approximately 1 hour north of Portsmouth, NH and within 4 hours of RI, CT, MA and the fringes of NY.  

Buyer must transport machine.  I prefer for the buyer to be present to disassemble the frame if possible, but this is negotiable.  I still have original installation instructions.  If the buyer is within 3 hours driving distance, I will throw in 1 day of training if desired after you have set up the machine. Please leave me a comment and way to reach you if you have more questions and please make sure any comments that are left have a way to reach you.



Vicki W said...

Congratulations on the new machine! Will it arrive soon?

Sharon said...

Yeah for you. So what machine did you buy?

Unknown said...

Hello, would you also ship it to Germany?