Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow Day Tip

Don't expect to get Snow Day Tips too often.  I certainly hope I don't have to create very many of these!!  Not being a fan of that white crap (and the icy freezing rain stuff that is falling on top of the 6" that came down last night), I don't have too many things that can be productively done today while all 3 kids are home.  

My new long arm is being installed tomorrow, and I had planned to go out and start my xmas shopping today.  That plan was foiled!  So, here you go - here's a post getting back to the roots of what this blog used to be - something quilters could get advice and tips from!

I have been hand appliqueing these borders since the beginning of last month.  The will go onto a quilt I pieced earlier in the fall.  While I finish the stitching on the 3rd and 4th, I removed the marks from these.  As is so often the case with applique, there was a little distortion of the background fabric after all the pieces were attached.  I removed marks, and tried to press them, but they still looked like this. 

Never fear, though, there is always a solution, and one that I have used before, so I was confident it would work again.

I took the borders, and pinned them onto foam core board, taking care to keep the first edge nice and straight.  It is not stretched, just pinned on.  I ease the opposite side into what looks to be the right location.  I am pretty sure that the bias vine is the culprit of this issue, so as I get the opposite long side of the border pinned, I also pin the vine .  It is being slightly stretched, so that the entire border will again lay flat.

As an aside...There are many ways to make these vines, one in particular leaves no stretch at all. BUT...I used the bias-maker tools, which of course sometimes do stretch the material.  Had I waited 3 weeks to applique the vine onto the quilt, the vine would have probably shrunk back to its original length (facetious - maybe it does not really take 3 weeks).  But, again, I immediately basted the vine onto the quilt so it could be appliqued on.

Once the pins are all in place, and the border is nice and flat, I spray the border until it is all soaked. This is when knowing that all fabrics were in fact presoaked leaves me without so much as an iota of concern that these gorgeous fabrics might bleed!  When the border is dry (I leave it 24 hrs), remove the pins.  It will be flat and perfect!!


Sewing Up A Storm said...

Stunning applique! I love your tip and will file it away in my memory. I bet you are excited to be getting your longarm delivered! My machine got taken apart and is in storage till we figure out where we will be moving shortly........................bummer as I am going into serious withdrawl. I need to start doing some handwork to help with my fabric addiction and applique is something I totally enjoy. I do needle turn, just the fabric, marking tools, sissors, applique pins, straw needles, and thread.

kupton52 said...

What a great tip! The difference in the "before" and "after pinning" photos is amazing. Thank you.

Mary said...

so glad the flowers didn't bleed! thanks for the tip on getting those borders flat.

Mary Bolton said...

Thanks for the tip! I enjoy the posts about your beautiful work.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the border tip! Question: did you trim the background border fabric to size after you appliqued the pieces or was the background border fabric the exact size before appliqueing the pieces? Thanks!