Friday, February 16, 2018

Others' Renditions of my Quilts

Over the years when my quilt Zen Garden was showing, I received numerous requests about if I had a pattern. At that time, I was not really interested in patterning it. I really was not sure that I wanted other people making "my" quilt. Time passed, that feeling faded, and then AQS asked me to do the book shown below. This was their last published book, although it was initially conceived to be a series of books where there would be other similar quilter's stories also published. The book contains patterns for three quilts, as well as many large color photos of the quilts. 
I fought hard to have the interior of the book be something that I am proud of. It is all color. The patterns detail how to make the quilts using both paper-piecing and regular piecing. There are lots of instructions and line diagrams for the quilting motifs that I chose. This book has 160 pages! 
 detailed piecing instructions and quilting diagrams
That said, I really was not sure how realistic my quilts would be with the general quilting public. They can be complex, and getting what was inside of my brain at the time of their making into a book was truly challenging. 

Never the less, in the past 2 months, I have heard from 2 quilters who have endeavored to make one of my quilts. I am so blessed that they chose to share their creations with me.

The first one is Molly's rendition of my Zen Garden quilt, shown below.

She did a remarkable job matching the star to what I did in terms of colors. It just blooms! Her outer borders were altered a bit. This photo has the quilting finished, though I suspect it is difficult to see without the ability to zoom. She did a great job!
The second quilt is by Tracey B., an Australian quilter. She has made my Bouquet Royale quilt (shown below). 

Her color scheme is considerably different, but it looks like some of the hexie blocks are still fussy-cut. Being a huge fan of purple and aqua, I could have seriously seen myself using these colors (if I was not completely smitten with orange at the time!).

A couple of weeks ago, she also sent me a couple pictures of the quilting in progress. She's using some of the motifs I designed for this quilt, as well as choices of her own. I cannot wait to see this finished. It is absolutely stunning at this point!

Where can you get your copy of this book?...on my website (right sidebar) as long as quantities last or on the AQS website. If there is anybody else out there working on any of these quilts, please feel free to email me and share your work. I love to see it (and only post it socially if I am told it is ok).

Happy Friday!

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They are both Gorgeous!!