Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My New Template Line

A week ago I launched a new business very own templates. Three years ago, I actually designed one of these and had it made to use in two of my classes. I created the arabesque ornament shape that same year to use on a class sample, always thinking I'd get around to creating a real acrylic template as opposed to the cardstock one I used. This past fall, I sat down and decided it was time to make this for real. I added three templates to these first two ideas, and brought the designs to Barn Catz Studio to manufacture.
 It is difficult from the template to see what shape they create, so let me describe that. These templates all create shapes that you would see in Arabesque architecture or Moroccan designs. There are 2 templates specifically for borders or frames, and 3 others that are shapes. They too though can be used to create frames. The shapes and frames of all templates are slightly different in both shape and size. The one thing I really love about the three shape templates is that they create gorgeous tessellating backgrounds.

Working with a manufacturer that laser etches/cuts acrylic has its advantages over just going to a shop and purchasing a quilting template in that you can select the exact acrylic that your templates will be made from. I had several options, but I chose this slightly tinted aqua. It is essentially clear unless you look at it from an angle, then the edges have a pale aqua glow. See below...mine on the left, and your typical templates on the right. These templates are visible on almost every color quilt.
 Want to have a look?..
This is the Arabesque Arch. It can be used for making frames, unique mandalas as well as background designs.
 Here's the template as it was used in my Creative Templates 2 class.
This template allows quilters to create 2 different curving shapes  with a single template. Though you can technically do this with a circle template, it is really hard to do it without the inflection point being obvious. Viola! inflection point here, just a pretty shape. These next two designs were created with the Arches template.

The second frame template is the Arabesque Quatrefoil. This particular shape exists in many forms in Arabesque designs, but in simple terms it is when a square has rounded lobes on its sides. I have softened the curves. The template also has 2 different edges so these frames can be made for a wider variety of block sizes.

This was stitched using the Quatrefoil and the Ogee 4x4 (to be discussed soon).
 When the frame is rotated it has a slightly different appearance.

 I have 2 template sets that quilt ogees - one that measures 4" x 4" and one that measures 6" x 4". They are each 2-template sets because one template quilts the base shape and the other quilts the 1/4" echo within the base shape. each of these templates is uniquely shaped and has curves that quilt the same line whether the convex edge or the concave edge of the template is used.This allows right and left handed quilters to have the same comforts. It also allows quilters to always be able to use the template edge that is most stable for the direction that they are quilting.

Just look at some of the frames, backfills and designs you can quilt?!
Here are the 4x4 Ogees without the echo. The insides are filled with feathers and curved lines.
This shows the 4x4 Ogees with the echo and a pebble filler.
 Here's the 6x4 Ogees with a smorgasbord of fills like you might find in my Dense & Dainty book.

The Arabesque Ornament is the last template, yet it was one of the original ideas that spawned this collection. It is used to create this unique tessellating background, as well as a multitude of other frames and designs. 

 If you are interested in purchasing the templates, they may be bought individually or as a part of sets. They are only available on my website  The website has undergone considerable remodeling in the last month. Just click on "store" and you should be able to find them!


Tasha D said...

I love these! I quilt on a domestic machine, and have never used rulers or templates before, but I am sorely tempted to learn so I can use these shapes.

Farm Quilter said...

I adore rulers and just ordered the complete set!! Looking forward to using them!!!

Michiko said...

Congratulations on your new Templates!
Would it be possible to pick them up at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach during the AQS Show?

Unknown said...

Will you be selling these at the AQS show in Daytona?

Mom said...

To those inquiring about whether I will have these at Daytona... I am planning to bring a few (under 10) sets. I will sell in my classes. If you are not in a class, I suggest you stop by between 4-5pm (when I will likely be loading machines for the next day). Or you can order from my website. Cost is not significantly different between paying shipping or paying FL tax.