Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spring Fling Has Come Home

Many thanks to Julie (center square), Tami (1st border), Jeanette (2nd border), and Marisa (quilting & finishing) for this absolutely fabulous mini. I believe I am actually perhaps the first person to receive a quilt in the Spring Fling Round Robin, and I do feel a small bit of guilt for that! Nevertheless, this creation is amazing.

(double click and look closely!)
It is immensely cheerful and very summery (or springy!). The colors are so fat out of my crayola box, in that I wouldn't put red , orange, yellow & blue together, but that is what makes this swap so fun. I have received something in colors that I never would have made for myself, and I LOVE it.

Unlike the other round robinettes, I did have the anticipation of seeing the quilts being made, and getting to oogle earlier on since I knew when I saw this one, that it was coming to me eventually. It does become a little bit anticlimactic. I am here to tell you though that the photos that have been blogged on this quilt's progress in no way show how lovely the finished piece truly is. The colors are vibrant. It is all done in batiks that I have seen nowhere in stores around here. Tami's little tiny applique stitches are unbelievable. I really ought to get some silk thread for my appliques too; it's highly effective in that it doesn't show whatsoever.
The quilting thread on the top is a pretty and soft pastel variagated thread. I would be interested to know if it is Italian as I looked earlier this week for an oceany variagated and saw nothing like this. How do quilters dream up where to take their free-motioning stitches?? This is where I hit a stumbling block and the quilt's creativity suffers. Bellisimo!

Here's a shot of the back so that you can see the pretty free-motion quilting Marisa did. She has so much more control than I do. It makes me want to go practice!
A close-up of the pretty lotus-like flowers. A few of the orange pieces have a touch of metallic spotting which really catches the sunlight.

I can't say thanks (grazie!!!...sorry my Finnish is rusty since I quit working for Valmet - Metso 4 years ago!) enough! I only hope all of you that worked on this receive something you love as much.


jovaliquilts said...

Really nice! I'm just fascinated by round robins -- how everyone's input comes together as such a wonderful whole!

Tami said...

Wow, Marisa did a fantastic job at quilting! The colors are a mix of a split complementary (turquoise opposite the oranges and reds) and more of an analogous color scheme of yellow/orange/red/pink. I think that in this case they work really well together because they all tended to be of the same value. We can thank Julie (center block) for choosing such great colors! I'm glad that you received this one. It's so very cheerful looking. :-)

I AM said...

Truly beautiful.

marisa said...

Thanks for your compliments.Ciao

Shelina said...

Wow - this is a gorgeous quilt! Everyone did a wonderful job on it.