Saturday, February 07, 2009

FSQS5 mono sneek peek

Here's a sneek peek at the quilt I am finishing for my 4SQS5 partner. I took it usung the sepia feature of my camera to mask the color that it really is (not what you will expect!!). You'll have to wait a few weeks until it is received later this month for a full reveal. I just completed the binding this morning, and have a few threads to knot and bury and I think it is mostly done. This was a deliciously fun & whimsical project! I hope the new owner will appreciate it (despite my many machine quilting anomalies...).


paula, the quilter said...

Thanks for the peek -- and the tip. I just took the photo of the completed 4SQS5 last night. I think I'll run it through Photoshop and do something Andy Warhol-ly with it so maybe I can give a sneak peak too.

Emma said...

Fantastic as ever, even in sepia! Why didn;t I think of that? Mine has halted untouched for a few weeks, I need to do some unpicking!