Friday, February 27, 2009

A Glimpse at the Flimsy Pile

There are currently four flimsies (and another in the works as of this morning). This is the indiginous Australian animal quilt. It has a nice brick red/burnt orange plaid border that picks up the deep reds and oranges in each block. It's impossible I have concluded to get a suitable picture of this entire quilt top that is either completely clear or displays the colors appropriately. It's a great quilt for a little boy.
This next one has very bright dolphin and fish squares. It's basically the same idea - 4" blocks with borders.
This one uses some very bold Lakehouse Dry Goods stripe and dot fabrics that I have had for a while, but not really known what to use them on. There are also some froggy fabrics.
Here's a closer shot. And lastly, I pieced those scrappy red blocks that I made back a few months ago. They are pieced with a couple very cute purple novelty lady bug and gardening prints. This one still needs a border at the top & bottom to make it large enough. And I may just finish this one with some plush red fleece on the back rather than quilting it. My 40 yard roll of batting is depleting at a very quick pace.
...close up look. This weekend's agenda includes making a concerted effort to get some work done on my daughter's Easter dress. I started it a week or 2 ago, but have not been too motivated to work on it. I also may try to get a gouple of these finished off. This is probably over-ambitious since I have a nasty bronchial infection and have not slept in 3 days thanks to coughing all night.
This morning I pieced 12 of these blocks together. These are my mostly mis-fit blocks, as they range in size from barely 10" square to 10.5". They were supposed to be 10.5", but I think only five of these are. I am sashing them in hopes of salvaging the blocks despite their size anomalies.
Have a great weekend all!

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jovaliquilts said...

Wow, these are easy but really have an impact! Love them!