Thursday, February 19, 2009

OK, another technical question

After yesterday's debaucle, and it was precisely that. I had a huge chunk to take out too that I discovered large loopy-loops on the back. I have done the following...
  • check thread load and bobbin direction
  • tried new needle (90/14)
  • rethreaded (sometimes alleviates all issues)
  • stuck voodoo doll a few dozen times

The frustrating thing here is that this is a thread I use regularly. I think I ditched the original needle that was replaced, and am not positive what size it was (but it worked!!!). It seems as though the thread was in fact breaking AT the needle eye. Incidently, earlier in the week I was doing a lot of string piecing and was also having some breaks (with old needle), but I disgarded it to string piecing. Yea, I know this is stupid. I string piece all the time w/o issues. I cleaned out fuzz from within machine that day, quilted another top, and assumed my problems were behind me.


I plan to order some today if I get a good concensus.

many thanks on all the very helpful comments yesterday.


Emma said...

I prefer to use an 80/12 Quilting needle and either Gutermann 100% cotton or King Tut 40 for most things. Is it the top or bottom thread breaking? My bottom thread has inexplicable bouts of breaking when FMQ (not straight line quilting) which is apparently a bit of a Pfaff trait, but the other day the top thread kept breaking when piecing. It drove me nuts - I sympathise!

paula, the quilter said...

I use a Schmetz 90/14 Topstitching needle (because the eye is bigger) and Signature thread. I have an older Bernina that really likes this thread AND I can get it locally.

~Michelle~ said...

80/12 - just switched to titanium, not sure if that's better or not... Guterman thread is fantastic!

KF said...

80/12 needle - 90/14 leaves a bit too big of a hole, but it will do in a pinch.

Helen Conway said...

Ususally 90/14 topstitch with King Tut or YLI thread.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Your trouble might be your spool of thread. Switch out your thread completely and see... I just had a spool this week that part of it kept splitting, but 1/2 would stay in the needle so I would sew a fair bit before I would realize that it was split - the other part of the thread made big thread balls up inside my machine where I couldn't see it! I have also had trouble in the past with the odd ball spool of thread. Might be worth trying because it seems like you have tried everything else. Good luck - I know how frustrating it can be.
Cheers! Evelyn