Monday, February 23, 2009

A Weekend Finish

Any of you that live in the northeast already know that we got hammered yesterday. It started snowing about dinnertime. I awoke to at least a foot of new, and very wet/heavy snow. TGFH!! (Thank goodness for husbands). This would have been the first day back for both my son and I after a week of vacation, but it is yet another "snow day" for all. That poor kid is going to be in school until July at this rate. Me?...naw, college finals are May 8th even if I have another 12 snow days! These are wimpy pictures, taken through the windows from my toasty warm house. I'll probably venture outside later today for some better ones (if interested, check over at my family blog...aka "my alter ego" later). The trees are completely sagging from the weight of the heavy snow. There are allegedly many power outtages from snow on trees/power lines. Hopefully we won't become one of the statistics too. The picture on the right (double click to see better) shows how high the snow is up the light pole, and that fense we have, which is four and a half feet high. It's just ridiculous, I tell you, simple ridiculous. We haven't seen the ground in 3.5 months.
On to something more fascinating...
Despite having a REALLY bad itch to start a new project using the great pink, red & orange fabrics that Michele sent me, I have vowed to complete off a couple more of the Linus tops that I already have done first. I have three still to do, and countless blocks enroute to me for making tops with as well. Later this week, I promise I will cut fabric (do I hear yea?!!).

Over the weekend I quilted this top off. I love the way it turned out. The binding is on, and I even washed it. It just looks so old fashioned - like a scrap quilt my great-grandmother might have made from old shirts. It is Linus finish #10 (I think) for this year.

The back is just a pale pink polka dot, but really quilted up nicely.

Yesterday and this morning, I also quilted this top (scroll down to bottom of post) You'll have to wait to see finished pics though until I stitch down the binding.

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