Friday, October 23, 2009

A Complete Nitwit & a Pretty Nice Quilt

Yes, that is me. A total NitWit, capital "N", capital "W". I was fortunate enough to find a person willing to send me a small piece of the fabric which my cat damaged (see last post). It arrived today. Upon further inspection, I realized that 2 of the fabrics in the 9-patch block had claw tears! I could have screamed!! But fortunately, Ms.Jan is to the rescue, and is popping the other 5" square into the mail for me today. Phew...and a huge thanks!

So, this week has been busy and fun. There has been plenty of learning to longarm quilt going on. I have temporarily mastered that initially difficult cotton thread tension. I feel wiser because of it. It could be a false euphoria that is going to come back and bite me in the arse in a week, but one happy day is good for something. I have quilted a total of 3 quilts since getting my machine up and running 9 days ago, including the quilt my dumb cat has tried to maul. It is a learning experience (I did opt to rip out a border I quilted to try something I thought might look better - a painful 5 hour seam ripping experience). Here's the finished ColorBlock quilt with binding and sunshine for an outside photo shoot. I don't know what I'm going to do when this photo spot is half covered with snow!!?!

Here are some pics from what I call "Sea & Sand". I showed this flimsy some weeks ago, but just got it quilted this week. It is absolutely the most SOFT quilt. The quilt is 54"x60", and took me nearly 4 hours to quilt. It is rather densely quilted with a So Fine thread. These Marcus Alfresco prints are totally yummy - it just reminds me of driftwood and sand at the beach.
Here's a little sun design I did on the setting triangles. It may be a little Aztek-ky, but I saw it done somewhere and wanted to try it. The thread is a soft aqua, so the meandering leaves on the 2" inner border don't really show up much. Hindsight!

You can double click if you want... - it's really pretty!
Hope you have a great weekend. We are getting a massive anount of rain tomorrow, so I gotta take my little girl outside now for a bit. Cheers!


jovaliquilts said...

I like both those quilts -- so glad you are mastering the longarm. I can't imagine taking out all the border quilting!

Lee said...

beautiful finishes for two beautiful quilts.

Emma said...

I love your quilting on Sea & Sand! But seriously, I'm going to have to remove you from my bloglines; I get too insanely jealous of your longarm every time I read!

Vicki W said...

Both quilts turned out great!

imquilternity said...

LOVE your quilts! You have a great eye for color and combining fabrics.