Saturday, November 07, 2009

Extension of Longarm Quilting Extravaganza

I seem to have a lull in my quilting. I am expecting more quilts, but they are not here yet. If you saw my original post a couple of weeks ago, and did not respond quickly enough, here's your chance again. I am reposting this offer and will close it when I feel I have enough interested quilters. The catch is simple, to qualify, you must send me your quilt within the next 7 days for quilting. Here's the info (reprinted)...
This post is designed mostly for those quilters that love to make quilt tops, but don't love or have the ability to quilt them. As a special for the months of November and December, I invite you to send me your quilt tops, and let me quilt them for you. This is a great way for you to complete some projects, and possibly have some fantastic Christmas presents too. Plus, I am offering a wonderfully low price per quilt since I am eager to "kick start" my longarm quilting business.

Here's what you can expect from me...
a creative, all-over quilting design that compliments the quilt top. It may have some detail quilting, but I am not promising more than a pantograph-style quilting. Some of the styles that I quilt proficiently include a peacock loop pattern, general meandering, loops & hearts, vining leaves with flowers & curling tendrils, swirling pattern, ripply water, and more, etc. My repetoire of quilting expands daily, so if you have an idea, just ask. I do some basic feathering if the quilt "asks for it" as well. I will select (with your help)
a coordinating thread, with top and bottom threads being the same color.
I can supply batting if desired too. I use Hobbs Heirloom 80cotton/20poly. My batting prices are: $5 for baby quilt (to 40"x40"), $7 for a lap quilt (to 60"x60"), $11 for a twin quilt (to 65"x85"), $14 for a queen quilt (to 90"x95"), and $20 for a king (to 108"x108").

I am finishing quilts daily, but my website has detailed pictures of some of my quilts completed to date. By week's end, I should have several more shown there, as well as pictures from some of my first customer quilts.
My quilting is neat and expressive. I assure your finished quilt will reflect my personal sense of carefulness. You will not be disappointed.

I will take these on a first come-first served basis. If you are interested, please email me as soon as possible to reserve your spot, and I will send you the mailing information & contract you will need. My email is Also let me know if this must be sent back to you by December 1 because it is a present for someone.

Here's my asking prices for quilting for my business launching special for the next 2 months...
baby quilt (to 40"x40") $15
lap quilt (to 60"x60") $20
twin quilt (to 65"x85") $28
full/queen (to 90"x95") $35
king (to 108"x108") $48

These prices include the quilting only. Batting is additional unless you provide it. I ask $4 per quilt for thread & needle (I change for every quilt), which is very reasonable. Similarly, the quilt will be returned to you at your shipping cost. I will use the USPS. I will take a personal check, cashier's check or Paypal. Please note that I will charge an additional 3.5% if you choose Paypal to cover their fees.

I'm asking that anybody that reads this kindly post something about it on their blog. Word of mouth is so paramount to getting a business off the ground.
Regarding the backing & batting (if you decide to send it)...They must be 5-6" larger than the top (which also shall be square). In other words, if your top is 60"x60", the backing and batting must be about 66"x66". I will return this excess to you if you want. I often use this for bindings on my quilts.


bingo~bonnie said...

Me! Me! Me! I've just posted on my blog the Christmas Lights top I've put together - and am putting borders on it tonight. I can mail it to you on Monday. I don't have a final measurement but I'm estimating about 60x70

Can I buy batting form you or do I need to go shopping for some tomorrow?? If you have some, what brand type? and how much..

OH I'm so happy I read this tonight!!! as I've been worried on if or not I could get this done in time for gift giving for Christmas this year!!! TY, TY, THANK YOU!!!!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie
and my email is linked thru blogger so if you hit reply it should come to me ;)

Andee said...

I too have a Christmas Lights I just finished up that I would like to send you...I was hoping to have Christmas Lights quilted on it if not all over then in the borders of something but the one you did looks great too! I can go up right now and piece the backing and it can go in a box to wing its way to you!

Yvette said...

Great deal!! I sure wish I had something for you. I have two tops ready but they would need more of a custom quilting job. :(

Thearica said...

I saw this on blogland and wanted to pop over and say I really hope that the quilters who send their quilts to you, give you a nice Christmas tip. They KNOW they are getting this quilting for next to nothing.

Brenda said...

Let me know if you offer this again. I have twin quilts waiting for my boys but with no job and a husband with hours cut back, this would be a godsend. i also have a Christmas Light quilt that needs quilting.

JVC_Scout_Mom said...

Would love to know if/when you open this offer up again .... I have a ton of quilts in my future. [My goal for 2010 is probably one a month ... I have a couple dozen started. ;) ]