Monday, November 09, 2009

A Bonnie Hunter Christmas Lights Mystery Finish

Many people have been making Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt lately. I received this a week ago for quilting (and am expecting two more within a week too!). Technically, I am really only longarm quilting all-over patterns, but since the owner of this has sent many very nice goodies to me in the past, I wanted to try to make it pretty (ie., a little more patterning than just "all-over").
My feathering is a work very much in progress, but these that I did in the triangles actually look pretty good for free-form work. The other borders have a looping border and a swirling feather design.Here's the view from the back. I know it's not perfect, but I like how it turned out. I used a pale sage green thread rather than a gold. I thought that the sage blended better on the central region of the quilt which is busier. It also was not quite so bold on the darker fabrics of the borders.

And another piece going to the same recipient...a 14"x50" table runner. It looked like fall to me so I tried some free-form leaf-like feathers with echo quilting. She's nice to give me such free reign to try these things.
It is always nice when design and reality coincide - I did sketch this out on paper before starting to sew!Stay tuned...I should have more goodies to post.


floribunda said...

they both look really nice (and my quilt top went in the mail to you today!)

~Michelle~ said...

very nice! I have a theory that good quilters can also draw well, and it seems like you are helping prove that theory for me!

Andee said...

Mine is in the mail on its way to you..can't wait to see it on here!

Marlene said...

Nice quilting Margaret!

bingo~bonnie said...

What a lucky friend to let you practice and do your magic on her quilts ;)

I just sent you an email - with a close up of my fabrics I used... I posted my finished CL over on my blog tonight. It will be leaving Texas headed North tomorrow ;)

Thanks again for your generous quilting offer in time for Christmas!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Doris said...

This is just lovely, Margaret! Mine should be in the mail before week's end!