Monday, November 30, 2009

A couple Recent Finishes and a DOOR!

"and a DOOR"?

Yes you read that properly. And the best and most needed door ever if I do say so myself! This is the newly and almost completely installed door that keeps my precocious cat OUT of my sewing room. She does not appreciate not having this here. But since I couldn't convince her with stern words and taps on the nose that my frame is NOT a cat hammock, she had to go for good.
...and back to more interesting things....

This lap quilt was sent to me for quilting. It was made of the nicest (I think) Kona Bay Asian fabrics. Even the black was a high-weave fabric, similar to a batik. I was uncertain about the quilting at first, but then decided to copy some of the wave-like and ripple-like motifs that are in one of the rose materials. I also copied a flower motif into each oc the corners.

The quilting in the center medallion print was kept minimal. I believe the owner is using it as a wall hanging. I outlined a few of the flowers and the Asian ladies, as well as the medallion itself. It gave me a good practice on some simple ruler-work, an area I want experience, but not too much or too fast!

Here is a close up of the corners...The thread is a Floriani and it is one shade above black, so basically a shimmery charcoal. It shows, but not tremendously.

On the other end of the spectrum is this king-sized quilt all done in reproduction fabrics. It is meticuluously pieced, and well made. I stressed over that row of HST''s because they did have the tendency to stretcha tad as I quilted, despite not having a bias edge on the outer edge. I said way more dirty words than a gal ought to say too as this happened. Fortunately, I was able to stipple these potential wrinkles away mostly.

This quilt was nice because the owner sent a single, unseamed piece of backing. I am getting so I really don't "love" pieced backings because it is one more thing that can potentially not lay flat.

I hope that the quilting on this is not too whimsical and that it reflects the very traditional nature of these fabrics and patterns.

And you'll have to pardon my lazyness in taking some of these pictures before I removed the chalk marking pencil!!


luv2quilt2 said...

Beautiful quilting on lovely quilts. It's too bad about the door, but cats refuse to learn. I've always been convinced that they're quite smart, but have to have things their way.

Rhonda said...

Your quilting looks great from here. I really love the reproduction quilt...those are my colors. Great job!

Kathy said...

Your customers quilts are turning out just beautifully. I was considering a diagonal seam for getting the additional width needed for the quilts I'm sending. That way the seam gets distributed equally over the roller and isn't just a bump in the same place. How does that sound?