Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy belated Halloween! Here's my feeble pumpkin pair. Usually my husband carves the beasts, but it was Thursday afternoon, and he hadn't so much as thought about them. I was sick and not patient enough to carve anything too elaborate. The kids thought they were great. Amazing.
I also made a plate of spider cookies for my son to take into his kindergarten class. He said they were a hit! The teacher even commented how tasty they were...not bad for store bought peanut butter cookie dough, hershey's kisses, some licorice and pearly eyes!
I love to sigh a sigh of relief when Halloween comes AND goes. It's a great holiday for candy makers and dentists, but as a quilter, I really cringe when September comes and I realize that I have to sew costumes (a dreaded word) for my kids. I know, it is silly. They are not that painful in reality and the kids just love to play in them year round, but I never find great pleasure in that process. As usual, I was finished with these mid afternoon, and bailed on fighting my machine which was burping at the effort of sewing on velcro. I snagged a few safety pins and called them done. I had really wanted to sew Sophie a princess dress, but she had her head set on being some kind of animal (lamb or bunny), so I let it go. I told her I couldn't find one of those so I got the horse/unicorn instead. Once she tried it on, the look in the mirror said it all. It was a keeper. And she trotted all over the busy neighborhood last night like she owned it.
She made Obi Wan Kenobi (left) and Anakin Skywalker (right) eat less and run more to keep up with her. These boys always get great compliments on their costumes. After a few years of having pirates, we now are stuck in that Star Wars phase. I sewed all but the brown pants. They had dark brown faux sweade hooded capes, (gasp, I mean "cloaks"), but they were left behind on account of our freakishly warm 65F day. Summer returned for a day.
Bryce, AKA Obi, was not so cooperative in the afternoon for pictures so I snapped these via tele lens while he was stewing his anger off in the woods! Except for his pleather boot covers, which caused such a fit because they wouldn't stay put, the costume was a hit. The boot covers are lucky they made it out of the driveway!In anticipation of a cool night, Hayden's (AKA Anakin) shirt is flannel. I bet the kid was roasting last night. But he couldn't have been as hot as the furry unicorn!
The back (not quite as cute as last year's purple and pink unicorn, but still fun!)...
...and the happy front, but the gorgeous red lace-leaf maple tree.
Star Wars costumes would not be complete without a full-out light saber war either.
We all know that kids love candy, and this little junkie of mine is no exception. One of our neighborhood friends was offering kids that he knew a "trick". He was holding out a plate of broccoli and apples for the kids. My boys rolled their eyes, and proceded to walk into the house and look for the candy bowl, which of course was hiding nearby. Dear Sophie, who rarely passes on any type food, happily took the broccoli and the candy. Te candy went into the pumpkin bag, and she ate the broccoli. Go Girl!
The anticipated rain storm held off until about 7pm, when all the little kiddos were inside. It threatened early so most of our neighborhood was out even before it was dark. The dreaded teenage trick-or-treaters started coming about 6:30 when we were about out of candy. The rain held off the remainder of them! A good night was had by all.


SandyQuilts said...

Darling outfits ... great job. go girl, eat that broc.

Homemade goodies are allowed in School .... wow. For the last 2yrs no homemade items are allowed to pass the doors of our Schools in this County ... not even for teachers.

paula, the quilter said...

I was glad when TheKid decided that Mom-made costumes were passe. Then last year I had to make him a bumble bee costume, of all things. He is 33.

black bear cabin said...

what wonderful costumes...and what fun! i love the photo of the boys in their big light saber battle...too cute! and the fact that your daughter picked broccoli, excellent! My daughter was offered a plate with apples and taffy...she took both apples and then the neighbor just dumped the taffy in the bag too :) glad your weather held out for the kids too. happy halloween!
p.s. i love the spider cookie!