Friday, September 17, 2010

List of Completion

I most happily retrieved my LA from the annual servicing yesterday. I am quilting rather slowly on a custom quilt right now, with hopes of having it mostly done before the end of the weekend. Not sure if my luck will hold out though. Here's some of the putter-stitching I did in the last week, in my feeble attempt to chip away at my To-Do list (below).

This block went out to Leanne in Canada, for the Bees Knees. It was due last month, but, hey, better late than never.
Here's one of my September blocks for the same Bee, it went out to Marlene in KS today (I think!!). She wanted paper pieced spider web blocks. They are not yet stitched together. The batiks are prettier in person than in picture.
Here's the entire set of blocks headed to Carol in the Quilt Block Round Robin. Mine are the pink and plum ones. Again, more batik blocks.
and here's mine. Nothing too crazy here; just needed to get them done, and be sure they were of correct size.
Jaclyn asked for these circles. It's a crummy method for making circle (not her method), if you ask me, unless the background fabric is dark. The way they are made forces the seam allowance to the outside of the circle, and the damn blue circle fabric shows through on the lighter one. Oh well..the fastest circles I have ever made at any rate.
And shall we see how I did at my weekly list?...

1. piece two tops, twin sized, commission jobs - Both are in 2 large pieces, and were awaiting the border fabric, which arrived today. Sometime in the next 8 weeks I will finish and quilt these.

2. quilting bees...Blocks are all caught up (see above)

3. piece backing for one of my own quilts - NOT DONE, but I did piece one backing for the commission quilts instead.

4. finish paper piecing on my Italian floor quilt (this is only a personal goal - there's no pressing deadline here) - Done...see previous post.

5. piece the next rows on this quilt top so that I have it available for hand appliquing when on trips or at appointments. In progress...

6. Plan the quilting for a sweet pink & white custom quilt that I must do as soon as Mr. LA is back home. Planing done; quilting is 25% done.

7. Figure out how to get out of making 3 Halloween costumes. If you have read this blog long, you know that despite loving to sew, you know I hate to make costumes. Goal: Make one lamb costume and buy 2 boys costumes, somewhere, somehow. Bought one bunny costume at consignment store. It needs bunny removed and ears/tail modified. Not completely effortless, but simpler! I also found parts to one Dracula costume for middle man. Could this be true??? Halloween costumes to sew?? (Ha HaHa Ha~.....)

Next week's Agenda...
1. Finish Pink Pinwheels quilt currently on LA
2. Quilt one of my quilts that I will bring to the retreat
3. Quilt (or start) another customer job
4. Finish the row of hand appliqued ribbons (#5 above)- all but 3 corners are done.
Have a great weekend!


Yvette said...

WOW! I thought I had a long list, yours made me exhausted.

Beautiful batik blocks.

Urban Crunch said...

The blocks look great, thanks!

You can iron the seam allowances toward the circles instead of away if you'd like. That also gives them the look of applique.