Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesdays are Just For Me

Clearly Tuesday rolls around way faster than it should, or else my weeks have more than one Tuesday in them! I feel as though I ought to have more to show for my week, but that is life (and mine is a busy one). I lack just one corner block to being ready to assemble this border. The missing row of the border is just in the sewing room, unpressed - it missed getting into the picture! There is a very simple inner border that I must assemble consisting of 24 HST's, and then the border goes on. Famous last words...
The "Other" quilt... Where do you suppose this stack of 3"x6" straggly squares should go?? This is my 960 square point of insanity on this quilt. These were partially strip-pieced, but I wanted more randomness, so I only strip-pieced sections of 2, not 3 or 4. It might have taken much less time the other way. I need to trim each one sometime when I feel like making a big mess.
These fabrics and my design are quickly growing on me. I liked them and the idea of making a quilt like this from the beginning, but let's face it, I am not a brown girl. I prefer the brights and moderns, and these are well, anything but. I love getting to see how a quilt I designed in EQ7 can actually be sewn to look identically like the design. That is pleasing! Clearly there are a few small rows missing in the below picture (rows that "shim up" the quilt so as to add rows of an easier to work with dimension. Is it starting to look like a marble dance floor?? Wanna dance?
Kidding, seriously!
I have a quilt of my own. OK, I made about half of the blocks and the rest came from the Row Robin Swap last year. Some were used to make a few runners at Christmas last year. Here's the remaining 20 blocks. I'm not crazy about some, and in all honesty, I half-thought this quilt might go to my Etsy shop. That is until I realized I needed to take a quilt to the HQ Retreat in less than 3 weeks, and that my Primavera would be off at a show and otherwise engaged elsewhere. Drat! So, I am custom quilting this sampler, in a typically overkill fashion. I tell you, I am my absolute worst customer. I am picky. I am meticulous. I am too careful. This darn quilt, at a mere 55"x65" may well take me all week! And to make matters worse, I may run out of the pea-green (AKA SoFine #513) thread before I finish, and before the new cone arrives next week. UGH - always something. Anywho, here's just a teaser peak. I'll show more in a week or so. I am clearly playing with a not-so-boring treatment for the sashings.
And one last thing. This is not a "For Me" thing, as it is a sneak peek of a customer's quilt. I will show this one in my next post. Lotsa feathers, pebbles and swirls, and of course, pinwheels!


Vivian said...

Margaret, the tile quilt is looking phenomenal. You showed the original EQ design but in the actual fabric, it is just wonderful!

And when you add your quilting.... well let's just say I think you've got your next competition piece.

Your grape wreath top is also looking good. I just picked up the October issue of "The Quilt Life" magazine and Alex Anderson did a quilt with grape wreath blocks (based on an old Amish quilt stitch design) very similar to your Karen Buckley block. Just goes to show that great minds think alike!

Yvette said...

I love it all! I really envy your quilting talent. I have always wanted to own a longarm machine but I I just don't think I could work the magic that you do.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is stunning, and the stonehenge fabrics are beautiful (I've been eyeing them up at the fat quarter shop)
The "pebbled" quilting on your customer quilt looks wonderful!

Strlady said...

Your "other" quilt is growing into quite a beauty! Absolutely gorgeous!

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Love your quilt with the curved border. Awesome. I also think the "tiled" quilt is fantastic.

Unknown said...

Your quilting is beautiful!!!!Where did you get the ribbon border pattern on the grapevine wreath? I can't wait to see this quilted!!!