Monday, September 27, 2010

The Princess of the Fair

We took the kids to the Fair yesterday. We went into the grandstand for what we thought was to just get some cash from the ATM, when they were just signing kids under 55lb for the Pedal Tractor Pull. My boys naturally flocked right to the line. Then Sophie decided she'd try too. Look who went home with the 20-41lb 1st prize?!! In all her glory, she won her first trophy (check out the tractor on it! ha ha) yesterday. She was less pleased that she didn't get either the pink or purple ribbon to go with it though!
The brothers were more than jealous, as one did get a purple (7th place) ribbon and the other really wanted a trophy, and not a 3rd place ribbon!


Yvette said...

Atta girl!
That's fantastic. Just think, she was in casts not too long ago.

Strlady said...

She looks so proud! Congrats!!