Thursday, April 07, 2011

Discount Coupon

I am feeling generous. Today's my 10th wedding anniversary. In a time when many marriages fail early, we feel very fortunate. We are stable, happy and have a brewd of challenging (yet fun) kids. So...I am offering a deal on longarm quilting to whoever is interested. There are a few stipulations though.

I will give you 15% off on the charge of the quilting to refer a new client. You may use this however many times you can (one discount per referral though). Feel free to post this to your blog or email it to all your friends. All they have to do is print the coupon and write your name and email addy in the blanks. Then you will get the discount! Easy :-) I have been revamping my business website recently, adding lots more pictures so perhaps you will find some ideas for those quilt tops you are making.


bingo~bonnie said...

Happy Anniversary Margaret!! What a generous offer to celebrate!

I've printed off a sheet of 4 of these coupons.
I know I sent both Kathleen and Sonja to you last gotta rack my brain and see who I might find needing a top quilted!

I know it was almost 2 years ago that I asked you to be expecting another top from me.... and would you believe I let other things move to the front burner and have kept putting off that top for my own bed :/ why didn't you smack me with a wet noodle by now (via email of course) :P

I did participate in a Round Robin recently and they're having their revealing at the HGTV Retreat in NC this month.... I'm not getting to attend so it will be a week after before I get to see my RR when it gets mailed to me.... I'm sure I'll be wanting it quilted.... so I better get busy finding someone to refer to you. ;)

Thanks again and Happy Anniversary!!! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Emma said...

Happy Anniversary! 10 is a big one; hope you have something special planned!