Friday, April 08, 2011

Mostly Free For the Taking

OK, mostly free. I have been cleaning out my sewing space in anticipation of the start of my home addition. I have loads of things (and more to come) to offload to the desiring person. A few of these I will ask for a small payment, but seriously, not much :-) 1. Mayn collection bags of scraps. These are good sized pieces. There may be pieced blocks or partially pieced things. They'd be greast for the person that does scrap quilts, or donation quilts. There's pieces of batiks and regular cottons. Many recent modern prints. Price: $5 plus shipping. Note I have enough for at least 2 boxes.
2. soft pink sheet. I know people tell you not to use sheets with your quilts, but seriously, I longarm quilt and have absolutely no issues with sheets as backings. This is not particularly high thread count, which is where these issues may occur. $5 plus shipping
3. 7 fat quarters. Good quiltshop striped fabric. $4 plus shipping
4. coordinating prints (42" wide) - top to bottom...peach bows Benartex 2 pieces at 34" each, ivory RJR stripes one at 56" and one at 28", ivory bows Benartex 1 piece 34". All fabrics $15 plus shipping
5. one vintage sheet, pretty floral $5 plus shipping
6. 6 fat quarters, good quilt shop quality $4 plus shipping
7. Two Runners (16.5"x51") made from canvas (both sides) - Is this Amy Butler from last year?? I have forgotten. They are both quilted already and just need you to bind them - $8 each plus shipping. SOLD
8. cotton corduroy, dusty plummish-brown 2-3/4 yards $5 plus shipping
9. flannels - Sesame Street is 1-1/4 yard, dots is about 1/4yd, rest are scraps.
pay shipping and they are yours. 10. Pieces of 14 and 18 ivory cross stitch fabric. Free, pay shipping
11. free - just shipping
12. free - just shipping
13. goose cross stitch, free - just shipping
14. Fleece scraps - perfect for the person that makes the donation pieced fleece quilts. Lots here. Free, pay shipping
For anyone interested, leave a comment or email me directly


lesthook said...

I would love some scraps!

~Michelle~ said...

Ooh, I'll take the runners! Denyse Schmidt (and you quilted lap quilts for me last year using the same fabrics, lol)

Catskill Quilter said...

Please let me know how much the scraps would be with shipping. I live in Florida, and my budget has shrunk to almost no fabric budget, but I do love to do scrap quilts. Thanks!

Catskill Quilter said...

I am interested in the scraps~! What would the charge (to Florida) be with shipping? Thank you! I am a scrap lover!