Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I finished up a customer quilt a day ago. It is for the client's grandson's wedding in 3 weeks. She said that he selected the pattern and fabrics. It definitely appeared masculine to me. Hopefully the feathers and hearts help to soften that.

I swagged the outer border and did a striped border beneath that. It was 9-10" of wide and dark green, and I did not want to feather the busy print.

There are leaves in the pieced green blocks at the client's request. And a simple yet effective Terry Twist in the alternating blocks. I like continuous curve, but at this size (3") I would have used a template, and I just did not want to take that kind of time.

Unfortunately the back of this quilt does is not a pretty as the top. It is a white-on-white fabric, with fairly heavy paint and does not really coordinate with the top very well. The client is aware of this, but she had it on hand and wanted to use it up. In reality, quilt backings for bed quilts don't show that much anyhow. It is just frustrating as a quilter since a white backing shows every slight bobble, and I used deep green and cranberry threads....You do the math! I do love it when quilts have a backing that is in the same tone-family as the top. Imagine how great this would be with a medium-toned sage green or even a green and cranberry floral??!

Time to go check on the blocking of my grapes quilt.


Strlady said...

Did I miss it? What are you doing to the house?
Don't get me started on contractors! My sister that lives in NH has had her share of misadventures. She is just like you, watching them every step of the way. I'm wondering where has the pride in your work gone? Do they not care about their reputation. Oi! I hope your renovation goes well.

Desley said...

The heart you quilted it lovely, and perfect for a wedding quilt. Please keep posting on how your renovations are going. As I will be going through the same when the plans eventually get through council, I am very interested in your story.

Jenny said...

Oh wow!! Very beautiful!!