Saturday, April 09, 2011

freebies Updated Sunday

Sunday Update... Here's some rogue block sets I have to add to the nearlyfree offerings if you want them. 1. 5 orange and pink, 12-1/2" - top left is slightly larger $5 2. 7 This and that, all 12-1/2" $5
3. there are 7 - 12-1/2" give or take, assorted black & whites $5
4. 15 string blocks on foundation, 12-1/2. Good fabrics. $10
5. 12 nine patch in shades of pink, peach and purple 12-1/2" $7.50
Email if you want any. If you have a box coming, they can be added to the box if I hear from you before tomorrow for no add'l shipping. Theseare great for donation quilts.


Update... I am awaiting payment from 2 people. I have 7 (SEVEN!) flat rate boxes packaged up and ready to schlep to the PO Monday. sewing studio has never been so "lean"!! (OK, if you don't count that there are another 4-500 yards of folded cuts on the shelves :-) It's good to have the strip bin empty, since I haven't touched it in a year, and my color coded scrao boxes to the point where each will close.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have heard from several about wanting scraps. I have cleared out yet another 66qt bin of various scraps and strips so I have plenty for at least 2 more flat rate boxes. Price $5 plus shipping. Email me with the size box, your Paypal addy for billing and mailing address to save time. I need to mail these by Monday or they will wait a week since I am leaving on Tues for here!! I have also discovered a couple of mini's that are each approx 18"-20" square, all made from Kaffe fabricsa couple years ago. I can put them into the boxes of scraps if you decide you like them. $5 each. Note they do lay flat - just need an ironing.
I also have this twin quilt top shown here, that is made from Freespirit fabrics. I'll let it go for $40 plus shipping.

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