Friday, April 01, 2011

Mother Nature is the April Fool

It was getting pretty exciting watching the back deck being taken down 3 days ago. Our long awaited addition was set to break ground next week. And then Mother Nature delivered this, on a fairly appropriate day: April Fool's Day. Funny, old Lady. Funny. She must know how much I hate winter, and that my tulips had broken through the ground last week. Or that my kid got a skateboard for his birthday that he really wants to use! It's not that I don't embrace the seasons, I just have a very strong preference to summer (and a long one too). I am taking an online Whole Cloth class at MQResource. We've had 2 of our 5 lessons. I am also doing both Trapunto and Whole Cloth classes at MQX in 2 weeks, but this is low cost, and where it is online, I can do the lessons when they are convenient. The last 2 weeks have been about sketching. We are learning how to sketch out feathers for one-eighth of the quilt. Then we get to mirror them and see what the quilt would look like. This was my 1st try (all fillers are omitted).
It looks neat enough, but when I mirrored it, I did not like the middle section. So...I modified that and tried again. This is only 1/4 of the quilt, but I really like where it is going so far.
I am also playing with some heavily pieced diamonds. I thought it was simple until I tried laying out the diamonds 2 different ways, and was no longer sure which way I liked best! I still lack a little bit of the applique on three of the squares, but you get the idea. The original plan was to have the aqua at the points (like the left side), but I'm not entirely sure.
I have pieced half of the inner star together, and am on hold until the rest of the applique is completed. There are also 4 outer diamond blocks that come nowhere close enough to the pattern size so I have to modify them before piecing, or else it may not lay anywhere close to square and flat. The Y-seams in and of themselves are not hard or intimidating until there are 32 of them on the quilt, and I refuse to do them with catywonky pieces! Simpler to fix 'em now than to curse all those unmentionables later.Oh, did I mention that this quilt is being made all from fabric I currently have on hand. I have vowed not to purchase anything but backing for it. I have used a 1yard piece of striated McKenna Ryan fabric in green in about 4 different places (see the border on the block above) - It goes from very light yellowy green to a deep forest green, all in a matter of 42"! I only wish I had bought 3 more yards :-)


Debbie said...

We got snow yesterday in the Anchorage area...I feel your pain! Your Lone Star quilt version is so beautiful. I always really enjoy seeing your work! I have learned so much from you...keep it coming.

Jenny said...

Wow!! That is going to be amazing!!

Emma said...

That quilt is just beautiful! I think I prefer the original colouring, on the left.