Thursday, May 05, 2011

Catching Up

I have discovered a few E2E quilts I have not posted on the blog yet.

This is a nifty pattern, and the fabrics are delightful. It has an Eiffel Tower print too, but I don't think I got a picture of it. The owner wanted a fleur-des-lis pattern for the quilting. I was fortunate enough to locate the Heraldry pattern, which she loves. The piecing was textbook - nearly every row of the pantograph landed at the same location across the stripes - I never would have predicted that! I have no idea where this pattern comes from, but just yesterday, I came across this very pattern made by another quilter...look here...scroll down to the 2nd quilt.
Here's a sneak at one of the fabrics used on the back. Is that not just adorable??! Perfect for a toddler girl.

I finished this quilt just after I got back from MQX last month. It is for the owner's son, as he graduates from college. It is pieced from both cottons and Homespuns, and is quilted with a King Tut thread that she sent me. I have to caution you all about mixing these 2 types of fabrics. Though I managed to quilt it with good tension throughout, I can see that the cottons and the Homespuns are woven differently, and as a result, they tension differently. In my opinion, I would not mix them for a quilt being machine quilted. This pattern is the Popcorn pattern.

And lastly, another quilt for a man. These have to be the hardest for me to quilt. It's a fine line in quilting it pretty and not allowing it to be too feminine. Are feathers permissible? I used one of my newer pantographs called Plush. It's swirly and whimsical - to go with the dogs in the quilt.


Teresa Silva said...

Very nice quilting...I love the popcorn pattern. Very fun.

John said...

The pattern is called "Rectangle Reverie" and it was designed by Monica Solorio-Snow (the Happy Zombie) for Quilts & More magazine. Here's my version:

Desley said...

Yes I think feathers are great on men's quilts.