Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Botanical Beatles

yup, Beatles. Not Beetles, like the bug that would be near flowers.

The musical variety.

I received what is probably the most unusual quilting request. Initially I really was not sure it could be done cohesively, but give the client what they ask for if you can! She's making a quilt for a friend of her daughter, and she likes botanical things and she loves the Beatles.

The quilt is just about 83" square, and has a snuggly flannel backing (which is fantastic for showing off the quilting!). I have a layer of Hobbs 80/20 batting and stitched with one of my favorite threads for E2E jobs, Superior's Omni thread.
The quilt is from very lively fabrics. Looks to me to be a pattern made from precuts. It's cool how it creates the white squares on point. I knew that all the detailed requests in the world would never really show up on the heavy prints, so I had to use the ivory fabrics for the things I wanted to show.

I quilted it with a whimsical freehand that I do often with swirls and echoed feathers. When I reached the white squares, I stitched these leafy/flower shapes. They could be quilted continuously, enabling continuous stitching. This was a fairly time-consuming design to stitch out, but at least the stops and stops were limitted mostly to the edges and when I ran out of bobbin.

The ivory border is where it all got a little uncertain. Before I loaded the quilt, I marked out several Beatle's lyrics and song titles along the border with a water soluable pen. I thought I may have to turn the quilt to enable quilting the top, but it turned out I could follow the script upside down and backwards just fine! There are phrases like "All you need is love", "Hey Jude", and "We all live in a yellow submarine", to name a few, all around the border of the quilt. It's personalized to the recipient's taste.

The soft green back shows the texture nicely. Swirly, leafy and fun.


Strlady said...

That is just perfect! I confess that when I saw the lyrics I teared up. I'm just an emotional mess lately! LOL! She is going to love that!

harrispen said...

Beautiful and perfect selection of quilting as always.