Monday, February 27, 2012

Working on a Monster

I am 16 hours into longarm quilting this quilt. The pattern says it is 108" square, but it actually measures about 113"x115"! It's amazing how being off on that 1/4" seam allowance can result in a huge amount if the quilt is large! I have the quilt's center within sight, but it is beginning to feel like I will never finish this one. I hit this point with all quilts, but this one is hard because it does have SO many hours left.
The client is having it custom quilted. She's a hand quilter, but felt that the size of this quilt was more than she wanted to tackle. If there is one type of fabric I prefer to avoid as a machine quilter, it is any type of reproduction. They are SO busy. The quilting is hard to see and so is the pattern. I am sure I will feel better when it is off and I can see the patterns, but at this point, I wonder if an all-over of Baptist fans wouldn't have made more sense!!

I'll have more to show by the weekend. Kids are now back in school after a most annoying week of not doing much (that is if you don't count them being home this Friday afternoon!). I should run out of my bobbins today, and am not expected to have more before Wednesday afternoon. A 2 day break will be nice. Maybe I will play on a quilt of my own!


Raquel said...

I'm wondering what your favorite rules for machine quilting are? Where can I get some?

Vivian said...

I'll be finishing this same BOM soon (still waiting on one of the fabrics for the border blocks) so I'll be real interested in seeing what you do with it by having to go custom. For the "busyness" reason you stated, I expect to do an allover pattern on mine.