Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Quilt: 1st of three

I have 3 small-ish baby quilts to quilt for a new client.  For the most part, they are only about 50" square.  They'll be relatively fast jobs, which is good.  The first one is so bold and lively.  The green is actually more green than the picture shows (more bright apple than mustardy).  I know the popcorn panto is used often by many quilters, but it is just perfect for these fabrics.
It's going to a baby boy as soon as the owner binds it.  I snapped a picture of the backing, only because it was SO cute!
Later today I hope to load another of these quilts.  This week, both of my boys are headed to day camp, and later in the week, my daughter is going to "Nana camp".  I should have sufficient time to get all 3 quilts finished.  Heck, I may even make it to the grocery store to get more than enough food for 2 days!

Last Saturday, I dropped off the last of the show quilts that I have for a show that is this weekend.  Two are currently in Hershey, PA for the Quilt Odyssey show, and two others made their way to Milwaukee for the MQToday show (formerly the Milwaukee Quilt Show).  My experience this past weekend makes me less comfortable to send quilts anywhere.  I have always felt like the scariest part was putting them in the mail, but  now I think I may wonder more about the handling.  Right in front of me, I watched the quilt that was dropped off ahead of mine get refolded (the owner had already left).  In the process of refolding, it was dragged on the ground, and given little care for how it was folded.  It makes me sick to see this done.   This was a judged quilt too.  I always very carefully fold mine so that the corners are not crumpled.  I delint both sides very carefully before folding.  I fold them in a way that will minimize wrinkles when it is unfolded and hung.  I do not expect some shmuck to unfold it at drop-off to check the sleeve width.  I refused to show her - when is "Trust me, it is fine" not good enough?  Mine are routinely 4-1/2" wide.  The sleeve is always at the middle of the folded quilt.  I folded them so that the lower right corner was exposed so that they could add their tags without messing with a thing.  And what's with a handfull of shows wanting cloth bags??  I hate them.  HATE them!   They breed lint and little threads.  Where do you think those go???  And these quilt collectors thought I didn't need to repin the end of my bag (it will slow them down when they are emptying the bags (or pillow cases, as most were).  Seriously, are they total idiots?  What's going to happen when the pile of quilts slides off the table?  They obviously are not as concerned with the integrity of the quilts that they are collecting as they should be.  I think this may be the last year I submit anything to this show.  I've really seen enough.


Janet Stone said...

I've always wished we, the quiltmakers, could stand there and "prep" our quilt before judging like they do at dog shows!!

Karen M. Walker said...

how discouraging! You would think these people would understand the value and importance of the quilts they handle.