Wednesday, September 12, 2012

water lilies

Despite having kids at school for 7 glorious hours each day (which I have been mostly longarm quilting during that time), life just seems so incredibly crazy all of a sudden.  We have soccer practices twice during the week, band is about to start up after school, and Saturdays, well they are so crazy that it makes your head spin...two soccer games, one of which may be away somewhere else, swim lessons for one, and tap for her too.  What all the craziness and waiting around while they have sporty fun affords me though, is time to hand applique.  I am again working on this quilt.  It may be 6-8 months or more before it's ready to quilt because I am too slow and too distracted with other and new projects.
 Last weekend, while we were apple picking, I saw this pond that had a bunch of these.  Water lilies are one of the most perfect looking flowers.  I always knew I wanted a row of setting squares on this quilt to have appliqued water lilies, but now I actually know how to quilt them too...they need the yellow stamen doe in thread.  I now have 5 of the 16 needed appliqued blocks.  The blocks are all pieced, and have the deep pink bias piping already.  They are just awaiting me to hand stitch the petals onto the block.
This, of course, is not my only applique project in the works.  Go figure!  And it's not the one I have been telling myself I want to finish first either.  Maybe once I get these flowers out of my system I can move on and finish the last corner of this quilt.  Then it can be assembled. And then there is another applique quilt too, but I'll spare you my scattermindedness with every project.


Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Beautiful! love it.

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

The photo is great inspiration; love your block, but especially the contrast and colors.