Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm not ready for Christmas

but one of my clients is closer!  She sent me this quilt.  It's a beautiful winter holiday sampler with lots of applique.
Samplers can be fun, because you never quilt enough of the same thing to really get bored.  This one I chose a few backgrounds to use and repeat to carry the design through.  To avoid changing thread colors many times, I selected an off-white Glide thread.  Because of it's shine, it was just fine on the white and the tan fabrics, giving a great wintery feel to the entire quilt.  I really love the block backgrounds where I did the free feathering.
 This is a rouched snowman.  He was a little tricky to quilt next to on account of his girth (no pun intended).
 A little mistletoe...and a snowflake.
 And some pretty poinsettias, with more feathering.  The quilt turned out really pretty, and I am sure that it will be liked.

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