Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Primitive wool table topper

I got a couple relatively small quilts from the sister and aunt of a client I have quilted for a bunch.  This one is 35" square and just fell outside of my immediate "comfort box" initially.  Maybe because it is a fall quilt and I am NOT ready for summer to end yet.  Fall is only a catalyst to winter, and I don't like nor need winter.  Maybe it is because I haven't done much with wool.  The design is so simple, and left me lots of open space to free-quilt.
Along the outer border (though not largely apparent due to the light), I quilted free-floating leaves.  There are oaks and some other simpler variety.  They are quilted in dark brown so they show.  I then quilted around them with echo quilting and swirls, like the wind is flying them away.  The patches of curved-crosshatching is just to break up the space.  There is also a leaf at the center.
 To keep with the "primitive" style, I kept the quilting around the pumpkins simple - just diagonal lines.  It makes the pumpkins and stars pop.
I like this peacock filler chosen for the center.  I don't use it often, but always like the finished look.  The freehand quilting in the dark brown sashings is something I have seen done, but never  used.  It, too, gives a nice almost fall-like texture to the piece.
 The real fall can stay wherever it is until November, but I enjoyed quilting this fall table-topper.

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