Monday, November 19, 2007

The finished Holiday dresses

OK, here is a picture of one of them. There are two.
And I am the ABSOLUTE worst aunt in history. Or perhaps the best aunt but the WORST sister-in-law in history. You see, these are for my 2 neices that live in CT (soon to be Europe). Back in the early summer, shortly after I started the dresses (and not thinking that SIL actually read this blog), I posted some progress pictures. Sadly, she did read the blog and my surprise was busted. So what did I do??
I told her they were being made for a neighbor friend's girls. Hmm... bad SIL and a liar. I really wanted the surprise to be good. One of my neices really loves princess dresses, and those that are fancy. She LOVED the dress I made for my daughter's 1st birthday so I wanted to do one for her. So somehow I have to justify the white lie I told. Hopefully she will understand.
Well, they will be here for Thanksgiving, so I am going out on a limb posting this that she will not be blogging before I see her. The dresses are cute, they took a TON of hours with my perfectionist ways. I just hope that they fit & are liked.

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Beth said...

This almost makes me want a girl, but I do love my boy so!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!