Saturday, November 24, 2007

They looked very sweet!

The 3 cousins in their holiday dresses...Yes, finally finished!

And My little princess looking so very sweet, in her first pair of real "Girl" shoes!

Below, she's getting to wear her birthday dress. I waited having her wear it until she could walk so she didn't just drag the ruffles all over the floor crawling. She's been on foot about a month now.

Now, I am plotting my next smocking project... I have a navy check to do Sophie a dress for next Spring. The underdress with ruffles is a pain in the next to get the right length. I had almost sworn I'd never do another one. But when I see it on her and how it flows, and how it holds the dress out fully, I love the way it looks.


Rose Marie said...

Bravo .... those girls in their dresses are darlings! It's not very often we see smocked dresses anymore and they sure bring back fond memories for me.

VK said...

Very beautiful. I love to smock and am looking for inspiration on the net. Thanks