Wednesday, January 07, 2009

January Birthday Blocks

Here are the Group 3 blocks:
left: she (can't remember who w/o pulling paperwork) wanted a traditional style block in CW prints. It's 9.5" square. Thanks Amy for loaning me the reds!!
right: something woodsy. It still needs to be trimmed to the 12", and if the pic were clearer you could see that I used 2 red batiks, and that on the tail looks like tail feathers! ...aha, so I have added a birdie detail :-)
These were definitely not my favorite blocks to make, and that is why I actually waited until January to do them (unlike the fall's blocks that were all done ahead!).

This one is for Helen in the UK. It's the group 4 (more advanced) offering. She requested any size color, but with Africal appeal and applique. I found the picture below on the internet and proceeded to mimic it. Not bad, eh?! I figure Helen can use her quilting to help delineate the creases in the lady's gown around her neck and the baby on her back. It too needs some size trimming, but is essentially done.


Desiree said...

Wow cool block and good job with your mimicing. : ) I just made that same star block yesterday for my block a day! I like it in the reds.

Anonymous said...

Love the little red bird, looks very happy! Yes, I have a Hayden; he'll be 7 soon, too (lol).

Unknown said...

Ooops I found it by accident! Love it - and I love machine quilting too so thanks for leaving space. Strange but only this week I had been writing in my notebook about playing with applique that roamed outside the borders of a block - and look how you started me off :) I shall add myself soem matching blocks. Thank you.