Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year's Day Finish

This (as best I can recollect) was started in the fall of 2006. I worked on it last year some, but it was a bit discouraging as I felt I was botching it with my poor machine quilting skills. It was put aside, and I fully thought I might pick out lots of stitches before completing. I have done a lot since then to improve my quilting; too bad that is not reflected here.

Yesterday, my oldest saw what I am making for my black & white challenge and was so delighted (he thought it was his/the guitar quilt). I thought, what better way to bring in the new year than to actually finish it. It needed a couple hours of quilting and the binding.

The machine quilting has places that I'd never keep if it were for anything other than his joy and amusement. It feels good to have it out of the "incomplete quilts pile". Hayden is pleased too. His sister felt she was being left out by not having her picture taken with the quilt too. Silly girl!

Don't zoom too closely at the sewing, please!! The design is great, but I failed the effort with my quilting.


Vicki W said...

I think the quilt looks great and he looks THRILLED - seems like a very successful way to kick off the new year!

Kristie said...

Oh!!! I love it! My oldest son is a big guitar player, he would love that!!!!

black bear cabin said...

Dont be so hard on yourself...i think it looks fabulous! love the colors too! hurrah for more UFO finished! isnt that the best feeling :)

Julie Bagamary said...

Great design! I like the piano keys.

jovaliquilts said...

That's really great -- it's no wonder that both kids wanted to hold it! Very cool indeed.

Unknown said...

Looks to have just fit the bill for your son. Great job!