Friday, July 02, 2010

F is for...

This post is all about F things. My mind is a tad twisted today.

Frantic, fried, and thankfully, it is Friday. It's been a hectic week, despite having my boys off at day camp all week. I have had a multitude of appointments for my daughter, and way too much running around and driving places. I have turned into a shuttle service. I guess that's every mother's plight.

I took my almost four-year old (and her Nana) to the swimming pool for the 2nd time this week. She's like a total fish, that one. So totally at home in the water, kicking around and dogpaddling. She'll be without the bubble belt by the time our 2 weeks in FL are done. Then we got a free lunch at Friendly's (the "happy ice cream place", as Miss S calls it) - not much better than that.

We are in for a wonderful weekend here, upper 80's/90's and I for one cannot wait. We are heading to a lake for the Fourth, and all are excited about trying out their newly learned swimming skills (my younger ones that is). Maybe we'll even stay for the fireworks this year too since my husband does not work the next day.

And for friendly faces, flowers and five. Yes, five. That's five days until I fly to Florida. Did I say FIVE???Here's my sweet (and very bright) friendly face in front of some flowers. My gardens got a well needed snip & clip yesterday. There were TONS of heads to dead head. I started it a week ago and mistakenly chopped through my finger. The clippers are new, and very sharp, and hurt like bloody hell. I didn't dare touch the clippers for 6 days!

Here's a client's Sun Flowers quilt completed recently. Not the best Foto here, but the next one shows better detail. It was fun to quilt.
I got to use some of my orange thread - actually an orange-yellow variagated Rainbows, though that is not evident here. I pebbled the flower centers and the brown border, to carry that type of quilting throughout the quilt. I actually picked out 1/2 of the border pebbling and redid it (only after saying LOTS of foul words, mostly starting with F). Frustration... But in the end, I like the finished quilt.
And, though, this does not start with F, it is for the same client so I thought I'd put it here for giggles. It's a sweet small wall hanging of hearts. I got to play with pretty background fillers.

And a few shots from my flowers. The gardens are full of blooms right now. Lillies, Daisies, purple coneflower, gaillardia and more.

So there's my take on "F". Fun, flowery, fantastic, fourth and not to be forgotten FIVE!!


marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Have a safe and fun 'F'!

Tatkis said...

Thanks for the pictures, I hope you'll find many another 'F' to describe!
And quilts are wonderful!

Best wishes,