Tuesday, July 06, 2010

T Minus 1

I have been puttering the last couple days before I leave for vacation. My kids are more than psyched about going here and here, and about having a house with a pool 3 houses away from the beach. Gotta say, I am pretty excited too. I just hope that the weather and the potential hurricane out there stay away. We made a very last minute change last week and decided to stay at the Disney resort rather than a few miles further away at a cheaper hotel. The convenience and allure of the resort was overpowering. It's also pretty neat that we have a riverboat as our main means of transportation to the village!

The last few days I have been playing in a pack of charm squares (right) that were given to me last year in a swap. They are kind of too "Americana" for my taste, too much muddy colors and browns. So, I made up a couple of runners that I hope to sell this fall. Same thing for the other two brighter runners. I had many left over 5" squares from another project I did last fall. The DP9 is a fun pattern to mix many fabrics together with. They will be quick quilt projects when I return, especially if I think ahead and connect all of the backings (one backing load for all 4 runners). I have another smaller table topper in progress, but it will have to wait.

I also got these squares put together earlier last week. This fabric is SO soft and pretty (I'll have to check the selvage for who made it again). The colors are a departure from my usual brightness, but it is very delicate all stitched.
So I am off for 12 days. Don't miss me. I'll be off getting rested and tanned, and rejuvinated to quilt a marathon (I have a TON of pieces to complete when I return!).


Yvette said...

Rest up my friend! I have 2 quilts that will be ready for you in a few weeks. :)

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Have a wonderful vacation!