Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Carpenter Stars

I need another project like I need a hole in my head. I have yet to put together my beachy blocks into a background. I still need to piece the parts together for a commission quilt that the client is finally getting around to paying for. And, I need to make binding & piping for my floor quilt. What can I say?...I work better under pressure. And if that is not enough, I just got a call from the school nurse informing me that my 8 yr old chipped a permanent tooth in gym. And we are departing for CT in 2 days. Great. Dumb tooth. Dumb kid. Dumb frisbee. Need I belch out more for you to grasp my frustration. Last thing I want is for my kid to look like a redneck any longer than he has to. Even if he thinks that it would be amusing (and I am sure he would).

So I have opted not to put another quilt on the frame this week since I am leaving Friday at lunch time. So I spent more time today putzing with these strip sets and resulting diamond blocks. I sense that they will drive me berserk when I get around to doing all the y-seams to put them together, but what the heck. I rarely take the easy road.
The only groundrule I have imposed on myself on this project is that I will not buy fabric for anything but the backing. So, all of these have come from my stashes of goodness. The colors coordinate wonderfuly with my decor, so I suspect that this will hang in my new dining room next summer.
Now, the offending kid just got home. Gotta go inspect the tooth.

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