Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday Putterings

I started on my next quilt on Friday. It's proving to be more trouble than initially envisioned. I kind of thought it might be a little more continuous in it's quilting and less stop and start, but I seem to have been wrong. I am nearly two-thirds done with nearly 9 hours into it. Oh, to actually get some E2E panto jobs that I don't lost my shirt on! It is made from the 30's reproduction fabrics and a ton of relatively thin white. I swear, I think my tomb stone ought to read "NO Cheap Whites!". My message to all of you quilters out there is to spend the $$ to have a good weight white. It's so much more important than a good quality red paired with a cheap, thin white. I have given up picking out roght threads that have migrated to the white area. This quilt is pretty and nicely made, but there are still areas that seams of color are longer than the white seam, and the color shows underneath. Shucks. It has a great applique border which shows how much my outline quilting needs help! It makes me shudder to think how hard it's going to be to do this quilt (whenever I get machine time!). Visit back later this week and I'll probably have finished pictures of it, along with shots of my recent insanities, ie., I have 2 new quilts started - Having cut the fabric into strips does constitute "starting", right??

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