Thursday, May 03, 2012

Client Quilt

This is the quilt of a new client.  She's done a fabulous job piecing these stars.  It was the flattest and most square quilt I think I have ever seen...more so than my own work!  And considering that I am an obsessive-compulsive quilter, that is really saying something.  It is batiks, and was made to give to a man.   

Yikes, if that doesn't put a screeching halt to the creative quilting juices, I don't know what does.  No swirly, girly, pretty feathers or flowers.  She wanted an E2E, and fortunately, she and I were in instant agreement on the design to use.  I pulled the Razorgrass panto.  I have used it once before.  It's not appropriate for many quilts, but it seemed just right here.  The tan batik fabric has a pattern to it, which may not be visible, but it mimics the Razorgrass pattern.
 This pattern is a real thread Hog.  It is 76" square, and I think I used a mile of Superior's Omni thread!
This was the first time that I had minor issues tensioning with the batik backing which was sent.  Normally batiks run just fine, but I had a harder time maintaining the tension at the spikey points.  My suspicion is that once it is washed, it will be a mute point, but the perfectionist in me just wants it to look perfect.

Tomorrow's Friday.  I have some designs to go contemplate.  My newest show quilt went onto the frame for the day for a few final tweaks.  It should be ready to block come Monday.  Yea!!!   Have yourself a fantastic and quilty weekend.


What Comes Next? said...

happy quilty weekend to you! The e2e is just perfect on this quilt

Gari said...

Beautiful! I love both the construction and the quilting.