Monday, April 30, 2012

New Applique

A few weeks ago, I showed some fabrics I got in the fall.  I had them sitting around for several months, but could never decide what to do with them.  The gradations are gorgeous, but I couldn't come up with a design that showed off their gradations.  I've quit sitting on them.  I have an applique project started.  It will have several panels of whimsical applique.  The first of these is done, and the second is more than half finished.  It keeps my fingers busy in the evenings, and keeps me from going to sleep in my chair!  The curly tendrils are not symmetrical; I know that.  I'm waiting to see if it's really going to bother me enough to remove one and adjust it!
 The center medallion of the quilt will be this fun bird.  I'm still sketching, and trying to jazz up the peacock.  I can see these swirly feathers in the shades of aqua and teal, and I know that I can make him come to life with the quilting.  Who'da thought that peacock toes would be the hardest part of drawing a bird?!
I have a couple of custom quilts in the works for clients and another couple on next week's agenda.  The mad flurry to get quilts done before my kids are out of school has started.  I'm already stressing over how on earth I will get things quilted for the 8 weeks they are home!  Cross your fingers that my quilts going to MQS and HMQS this month do well (Mama needs some summer-camp cash!).

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Rhonda said...

What beautiful beginning..... lovin' what I see!!